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Top-Down Tank Shooter under Development

2008-10-14 07:50:45 by Guil07

Hi there, unfortunately the project below has been shelved..
Fortunately, that's because it means a lot to me - I want to hold onto it until I truely have the resources and skill to complete it nicely. So in the mean time I'm putting together several other smaller projects.


Here's the old post:


Figured I'd clean up my previous post and post the links to all the versions of my game BETA..

This is the first version I uploaded. I made this just playing around, trying to learn new techniques and testing myself to see if I could keep at it.
1st Version

The second version (though I can't call any of them versions as they are bit and pieces of a game I'm putting together.......) I added some "retardation" or friction. Also added recoil to the player's tank and I think I added a simple AI - which was broken so I disabled the scripts (that's the odd-looking tank in the top left).
2nd Version

Fixed some tank and bullet bugs, re-wrote player's movement scripts and fixed the AI (it works as it should, however if the player crosses the 360-0 degrees line the AI will spin the wrong way >:| ) also added some hitTesting between the players bullets and the AI - each armour part of the tank takes different amounts of damage.. The health bar is ugly but I threw that in at the last minute just to see how it works, and if it does, how well.
3rd Version

YAY! Finally got that AI going, shooting and blowing up pretty well (apart from the animation I still haven't put much time into) It's been so long since I really got down and worked on it and since I released V0.3 that I don't really remember exactly what I've changed.
Improved hitTesting on both the player and AI tank. The AI tank is hostile and actually fires back.
Damage is divided into different sections of all the tanks, so if you get shot in the back you will take more damage rather than being shot in the front armour. The Health bar's are more 'stylish' - though I plan to make a HUD for the player, in which will be your health. Also, you can fire with the spacebar as well as holding down left-click (for one reason or another on Mac's & Linux systems, the left-click was unsupported in the way I coded the firing. I think this is because I used different methods for the shooting so as to not have to click every time you want to shoot, rather you can hold down the mouse.) Anyway, here is the new version!
4th (latest) Version!
Again, I haven't included a preloader as the file size is still VERY small - shouldn't take more than a couple seconds to load :)
Check the "information" in the top left to see what I plan to add in the near future.

And comments, questions and help is very welcome, post here or email me at hb.guil07<@>gmail<DOT>com



Action Game..

2008-08-28 02:20:23 by Guil07

Who the hell wants to play a cursor maze or mouse avoider?!

Scrap that Idea, I've decided I'm going to develop an action game. It'll take months more but I want this.

Here's a VERY early version of what I'm currently putting together: /56683_Tank.php

That junk in the top left is the beginnings of an AI system; doesn't do much atm.


New Game Under Development.

2008-08-19 04:37:39 by Guil07

Currently working on a small game I'm developing..

Set to be another cursor maze - but I aim to make it the best.